Lindsay B is dance teacher and award-winning choreographer, based in Edinburgh.

Dance styles: West Coast Swing, Modern Jive, Lindy Hop, Charleston

Choreography: Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Stirling Gang Show, multiple team cabarets at national competitions.

Judging:  Blackpool UK Modern Jive Champs, Glasgow Classic, World Modern Jive Champs, UK Independent Jive Championships.

2012 1st place: Britroc, team choreographer
2012 1st place: Scottish Ceroc Champs, team
2010 Finalist: French WCS Open 
2009 2nd place: UK Jive Champs, Battle of Sexes
2009 2nd place: UK Jive Champs choreographer 
2008 1st place: LeRoc Champs, DWAS
2008 1st place: LeRoc Champs, choreographer
2008 4th place: LeRoc Champs, spotlight 
2008 1st Place: East Lothian does Strictly
2008 1st Place: UK Jive Champs
2008 3rd Place: UK Jive Champs, Double Trouble
2008 2nd Place: UK Jive Champs, Battle of Sexes
2007 1st Place: Brit Rock, team choreographer
2007 1st Place: Brit Rock, Double Trouble
2007 1st Place: UK Jive Champs (team)

2006 3rd Place: UK Jive Champs, Double Trouble

2006 Finalist: Britrock Competition, Open Category

2006 1st Place: Britrock, team choreographer

2006 1st Place: Britrock, Double Trouble

2005 1st Place: UK Championships, team choreo

2005 2nd Place: Scottish Ceroc Champs, Spotlight

2005 2nd Place: UK Open Champs, Double Trouble

2005 2nd Place: Brighton, Double Trouble

2004 1st Place: Scottish Ceroc Champs, Team

2004 1st Place: Scottish Ceroc, Double Trouble

2004 2nd Place: UK Championships, team cabaret

2004 Finalist: UK Open Jive Champs - Lindy Hop
2004 UK National Aerials Champions

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